Pomarico Financial’s team takes a hands-on approach and works closely with each client to protect your financial future. Our belief is that going above and beyond makes us stand out in a world where so many do “just enough.”

We help our clients protect their money and work to help ensure they’ll be more comfortable in retirement. Planning for retirement can seem intimidating for many people. We pride ourselves on helping people achieve a comfortable level of security, while knowing that we will be there whenever you need us or have questions.

We are passionate about the help we provide and the support we offer every step of the way.

Join Us For A Complimentary Informational Seminar and Insurance Presentation

We host educational seminars about retirement at amazing restaurants throughout the area. During our informational sessions, we discuss how to secure your principal while earning a reasonable rate of return** over time. We will also discuss the current market conditions and how those may affect your retirement. Join us for a complimentary meal and learn some valuable retirement strategies.

steak and shrimp complimentary gourmet meal at educational seminar westborough ma

our core principles

Safety First

The majority of people invest early on in their careers, for the long term. As retirement approaches, their risk tolerance decreases. Financial assets can plummet during market downturns and you may not have time to recover as quickly.

A reasonable Rate of Return

Can you protect your principal without sacrificing a reasonable interest rate? Yes. A fixed index annuity or life insurance policy provides both principal protection and a reasonable rate return**.

Keeping it Simple

Will you have enough money to last? Proper retirement strategies now may ease the burden of this question. Many people feel overwhelmed when faced with this question. We believe in breaking it down into simple and easy to understand terms.

strategies tailored to you

We all want a secure and comfortable retirement. However, your specific needs are as unique as you are. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation appointment and let’s get to know each other. Pomarico financial is confident that we can craft a strategy to protect your financial future. 

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