Our Three Core Principles

Creating a sound retirement strategy is the key to a successful retirement

To ensure you can retire with confidence, we help you plan for a retirement income you won’t outlive.
We follow three key principles at Pomarico Financial: Safety First, Reasonable Rate of Return**, and Keep it Simple.

Discover how these three principles can help you plan your retirement income.

Keep it Simple

Retirement income strategies should not be complicated.

Does a good retirement strategy have to be complex? We don’t think so. In fact, some of the most effective strategies we’ve seen are built on simplicity. If you have to spend time worrying about your money and watching the markets in retirement, are you really retired? With the right strategy, you can have a simple, straightforward retirement. You don’t need to sacrifice long-term goals in order to keep things simple.

By choosing options that provide an income for life and protect your principal, retirees can have peace of mind. Sometimes, a simple strategy for securing your money and providing income is all people need. Of course, each client’s needs and situations are different. So, be sure to connect with us to discuss your details. Overall, though, simplicity can have its rewards when planning for retirement

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